For integrated pressurized solar system

SR609C 1500W Integrated Solar System Controller

Technical Data 1. Dimension: 170mmX128mmX40mm2. Self power consumption: <2W3.Measuring accuracy of temperature: ±2℃4.Temperature range of measurement: 0~99℃5. Power of auxiliary electrical boo

  • Model: SR609C-1500W

Technical Data    

1. Dimension:  170mmX128mmX40mm

2. Self power consumption:  <2W

3.Measuring accuracy of temperature: ±2℃

4.Temperature range of measurement: 0~99℃

5. Power of auxiliary electrical booster ≤2000W (standard collocation), ≤3000W (not standard, selection available)

6. Voltage    110V-240V    

Main Function

1. Time display

2. Temperature display

3. Timing heating at three time sections

4. Manual heating

5. Memory protection when power is failure

6. Trouble indication of sensor  

Packing List

Controller-------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 piece

NTC10K Sensor -------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 piece

Customer manual----------------------------------------------------------1 piece

M6 Plastic expansion screw-------------------------------------------- 3 pieces

Ø4*30 flat screw------------------------------------------------------------ 3 pieces


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